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Step 1


Every project starts with a good design and perhaps even more important: the communication between the architect and our Tribar technical advisors. This interaction leads to the most beautiful interpretation and to meeting the customer’s wishes both technically and aesthetically. In this phase we are happy to talk to you, help you with 3-D drawings, visualisations, samples and mock-ups, all with the goal of defining a beautiful project and using Tribar optimally. After completing this phase, without any obligations, we are usually able to make a calculation and an offer.

Step 2


After the order has been placed, the working drawings for the production are drawn up and submitted to the customer for approval. In this phase we also detail the required suspension systems and coordinate this further with the customer so that everything fits perfectly. Besides the load-bearing capacity of the Tribar material itself, we also look very closely at the connection to the rest of the building. The method of assembly also receives the necessary attention; this must be able to take place efficiently without compromising the aesthetic requirements.

Step 3


All Tribar products are manufactured entirely in our own factories. This gives us very good control over the dimensions, quality and logistics of the project. Agreements made with our customer are fulfilled by delivering on time and as efficiently as possible within the construction process.

Step 4


If desired, we can also take care of the assembly of the Tribar grids. We have VCA-certified fitters available who know exactly what to look out for in order to achieve the best possible result.

Step 5

Completion and aftercare

After installation, each project is checked one more time in its entirety to make sure that the result corresponds to the expectations created in the design phase. Depending on the project and the wishes of the client, we give advice on the maintenance of the Tribar grids so that the end user can enjoy the project for a long time.

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