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Product specifications

Tribar products are manufactured from three-sided steel that is rounded in the length. This creates – in contrast to a pressed grating – a so-called ‘soft touch’. Because the three-sided bars are fixed to the transverse joints with one of their points, the grating panels have a relatively large surface area with a high degree of transparency.

The Tribar has a standard thickness of 10 mm. Fabrication in thicknesses of 8 or 12 mm is also possible. Corner pieces can be manufactured both lengthwise and widthwise. Because Tribar offers custom made solutions, other dimensions are also possible. The weight is, depending on the distance between the posts, about 30 kg per m2 (10 mm).

Dynamo Eindhoven - Roosterpanelen

Corner pieces

There are two ways of producing corner pieces: bending longitudinal bars or welding wide bars together.

In both directions, internal and external corner pieces can be manufactured. Bar bending is only possible for triangular bars with a thickness of 10 mm.

Shape and volume

Tribar products can be applied in various shapes and volumes.

Based on the user’s requirements, the specifications for the Tribar products can be determined for each individual application.

Tribar Hoekstuk



Tribar products have various possibilities in terms of accessories. Some examples are the integration of lighting, a sprinkler system or fans in the grid panels.

In many projects doors and gates are being realised. Our own expertise in this field guarantees that these moving parts function flawlessly.

Based on the wishes of the user, we look at the possibilities Tribar can offer for each application separately.

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